The Wild Wood – Woodland

Where Pets Rest

Peaceful and Beautiful

The Wild Wood was established to provide a peaceful place to memorialise our beloved pets. We felt that it was important for pet owners to have somewhere that would be there forever. No matter what happens in our lives this place will always be there for you to return to and remember your pets.

We found from experience that burying pets at home was not always ideal. Irrespective of the legalities of this, problems inevitable arose when we moved home or decided to extend into the garden. We wanted to create a place were our clients were able to spread their pets ashes and place a memorial for them. A place that would be available to them any day of the year.

The Wild Wood is a privately owned area of woodland between Anglers Country Park and Haw Park Wood, Wintersett, Wakefield, WF4 2EB. It is easily accessible on foot and is surrounded by vast areas of footpaths. An ideal spot to call in on a lovely family walk.

History of the Woodland

This area of woodland was previously unloved and not maintained. We felt that this ancient woodland had such a special feel and was so peaceful that we had to do something equally meaningful with it. We were keen to preserve it and also to preserve the wildlife that called it home. The Wild Wood was extremely wild when we first decided to utilise it. We had to spend many house carefully removing self seeded trees which were effectively strangling the beautiful old oak trees that were struggling to survive. The self seeded trees were starving the old trees of light, nutrients and water. We wanted to maintain the wood as a wildlife haven so we were careful to obtain advice on how to manage this. We created a pathway around the wood to ensure that the ‘wild’ areas remained untrodden. We introduced bird and owl boxes, a ‘bug hotel’ and created natural hidden areas for wildlife to use as habitats.

We wanted to utilise some of the self seeded Beech trees that we had to take down.These were felled and the stumps left. We found that they made perfect stands to place our memorial plaques on. We created seating areas from fallen trees and these are carefully positioned to afford you a perfect place to remember your pet.


Remembering Your Pet

The Wild Wood is a beautiful, peaceful place and no matter what season you visit there is so much to see. As you walk around the wood the tranquility is all encompassing. In spring the bluebells are abundant and in any season the sunrise and sunsets over Wintersett reservoir are outstanding.

We have seen owls, squirrels, stoats, mice and a massive variety of birds within the wood.

Please feel free to take a look, all we ask is that you respect this peaceful place and all the pets that are memorialised here.

Bluebell woods
Do you have any questions?
If you are a client of The Wild Wood you are entitled to spread your pets ashes in this woodland. In addition to this we are able to erect a plaque for your special pet. Please contact us for prices.
Can’t find your question?
Yes of course, we welcome any pet owner to The Wild Wood. If you are not a client of The Wild Wood, we ask for a small administration fee, which goes towards the upkeep of the wood. We can then arrange for you to choose your favourite place for the plaque. Please contact us for prices of the plaques, they vary depending on size, wording etc.
The Wild Wood is never locked. It’s accessible 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. We just ask that you respect the area and leave it as you find it.
There is parking available in The Anglers Country Park carpark. From here there is a short walk to the wood. If you have mobility problems and cannot manage the walk, please contact us and we will do our best to help with access.
There are paths from the car park to the wood. There is a path around The Wild Wood which is accessible to wheelchairs and pushchairs however it is not a concrete path so it is more difficult to negotiate but not impossible.

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