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Pet Memorials in Leeds, Wakefield and West Yorkshire

Pay Tribute With a Beautiful Memento or Keepsake

We stock a large selection of pet memorials, keepsakes and urns.

Everything in our range has been personally selected, and we are always looking for innovative and stylish new ways to remember our lovely pets.

We will always take your pet’s paw and nose prints, as well as a lock of their fur. We can also use these prints to create a stunning framed memorial artwork to display in your home.

These are the little touches that have meant so much to us and other pet parents – it eases the grieving processes and ensures that your pet is never really gone.

Framed nose and paw cast

Framed casts

If you are considering a cast of your pet’s paw or nose please inform us before your pet so that we can make the necessary arrangements to take these. These items are created and painted by hand and make wonderful memorials

Steel Pawprint Keyring


Our personalised pet memorial keyrings are a popular choice with pet owners, as they are with you all day, giving you a touching and long-lasting reminder of that special bond you shared with your pet. The paw and nose prints that we take are scaled and engraved onto either the stainless steel or leather keyring, and these beloved keepsakes are very popular with clients.

Nose Print Nuggets

Nose Nuggets

These are hallmarked silver nuggets of your pet’s nose print. They are very beautiful and capture the exact details of your pet’s nose. An animal’s nose print is as unique as a finger print, and the quality and weight of these items mean that you will cherish this lasting reminder for many, many years to come. They are life-sized and perfect in every way. Please advise us before collection if you would like us to take an impression in order to make you a nose nugget.

A Lasting Impression

A Lasting Impression

This high-quality photo presentation case contains an oval impression dish designed to take detailed and reliable impressions of your pet’s paw print. These can be a lovely addition to your tribute boxes, or simply keep them as a beautiful reminder of your late pet.

Slate Memorial Example

Slate Memorials

Your pet’s paw or nose print can also be engraved onto a slate memorial. These can be kept as a treasured reminder of your pet, and engraved with the wording of your choice. Available in a circle or heart shape, they can also be made into coasters for you to keep at home.

Do you have any questions?

For highly respectful pet memorial options in Wakefield, Leeds and the surrounding areas, please contact The Wild Wood.

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We use a highly advanced inkless system called Nekoosa. This means that we do not place any dye or paint onto your pet. We use a small dry wipe to pick up the area we want to take an impression of and print it onto special paper. These kits are available to purchase for use on your pets at home.

The cast is a simple procedure which does not damage your pet in any way. The paw is coated in petroleum jelly and held into a pot of liquid clay. Within minutes this hardens, and we are able to gently remove the paw, leaving behind a perfect cast. To take a nose impression, we use a small amount of putty which is placed onto your pet’s nose for a few seconds. Again, this leaves no residue and your pet’s body is not altered in any way. These casts are then used to make a clay copy of your pet’s paw or nose. These are then painted and displayed in a frame. We can finish these in a variety of colours and effects and frame them with your pet’s name, alongside a simple message of your choosing.

If you wish for us to take a cast of your pet’s paw or nose, please let us know before we collect them.

The paw prints we take are scanned into a computer. This image is then simply scaled down to fit the keyring or piece of jewellery of your choice.
Yes, of course. We keep paw print images on file, so that if you want to surprise someone for Christmas or a birthday, or simply change your mind and decide you would like a keepsake at a later date, we can create a personalised memorial at any time.

Our keepsakes allow you to remember the good times wherever you go.

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