Pet Cremation in Normanton

Our pets are part of our families, so we know how painful it is when the time comes to say goodbye. As their owner, you want to know that they’re at peace in a beautiful resting place.

And at The Wild Wood, we promise to treat your beloved pet with the care and dignity that they deserve. We offer individual pet cremation services to those living in the Normanton area, pet memorials personalised, and even a resting place in our peaceful woodland location.

Normanton Pet Cremation Services

Located in one of Yorkshire’s most beautiful spots, we wanted to ensure that your beloved pet has a peaceful place to rest. The Wild Wood was established because we wanted to give Yorkshire pet owners the opportunity to grieve and give their pets the send-off that they deserve. Based in Wakefield, near Normanton, we provide individual pet cremations and pet urns, along with the option to lay them to rest in our private woodland.

You can choose to scatter your pet’s ashes in our stunning location or take them home in one of our pet urns for cats or dogs, we’ll support you through the process from beginning to end.

Our individual Normanton pet cremation service makes sure that you only receive the ashes of your beloved pet, giving you the peace of mind that you need during this difficult time.

Why Choose the Wild Wood for Your Pet’s Cremation?

The Wild Wood is located between two of Wakefield’s most scenic parks, making it the ideal location to have your pet cremated and lay them to rest.

Our private woodland is easily accessible for Normanton residents, and because we mark the final resting place of your pet with a personalised plaque in the place of your choosing, you’ll be able easily find them again every time you choose to visit our Wakefield pet cremation centre and gardens.

We’re the preferred choice for Normanton pet owners, offering individual dog cremation and cat cremation services, pet memorials, and pet urns. Our staff love pets themselves, and they understand how difficult it is to say goodbye.

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Not at all, once your pet has been cremated, what happens to their ashes is completely up to you. You are more than welcome make use of our peaceful woodland and scatter them here, however, we also offer a range of dog urns and cat earns so that you can take your beloved pet home with you.
You can visit our woodland as often as you like. It is open 24/7 and is always free to visit. This means that if you choose our site to scatter your pet’s ashes, you can come to pay your respects whenever you like.
We offer a free collection service to anyone that lives within a 10-mile radius of our Wakefield pet cremation centre. And, if you wish to have your pet’s ashes returned to you, we also offer a delivery service too. Free delivery will depend on your location, so for more information don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.