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A Respectful Process

The Wild Wood knows how hard the bereavement process can be on all members of the family. To make this tough time slightly less of a challenge, we perform a highly respectful pet cremation service. Based in Nostell, Wakefield and with a private woodland area for the perfect resting place, our team serves pet owners from across Leeds and West Yorkshire. Each pet is cremated individually, so you know that all ashes belong to your dearly departed family member.

Licensed by DEFRA, we ensure our pet cremation service is both secure and hygienic. Our experts treat your pet with dignity and care, with all remains kept sterile and away from other animals.


We offer a free collection service within 10 miles of our Wakefield premises, which includes Leeds, but can alternatively welcome you to our premises. Here, you can have as much time as you need to say goodbye.

How We Work

A Look at Our Process

When collecting your animal, we can explain all aspects of the pet cremation process and deal with all the necessary paperwork. A member of our team will then take your pet to the cremation area, ensuring the remains are cremated alone – unless you instruct us otherwise. From there, we collect all fragments and process them into ashes for you to keep or scatter as you wish.


The Advice You Need

The Wild Wood handles all burdens so you can mourn for your departed pet with true peace of mind. Our small team are all animal lovers themselves, and kindly answer any questions you have regarding the pet cremation service. As a trustworthy pet crematorium serving Wakefield and the Leeds area, we operate with a strict paper trail that guarantees all ashes belong to your pet alone.
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A Green Service

We use what’s known as a Euthabag as a means to cover your pet, as opposed to usual plastic bags. Biodegradable and eco-friendly, these Euthabags allow us to transport pets both safely and hygienically. We invite you to include any blankets, toys or other possessions inside the bag before we seal and label it for the journey ahead.



Remembering Your Pet

We supply your pet’s ashes in the bluebell forest scattering tube, along with a paw print and personalised card. If you so choose, we can provide you with a commemorative plaque, which we can then mount in our dedicated woodland. Feel free to visit this plaque in our wild woods at any time.


Please speak to us for pet cremation in Wakefield, Leeds and the nearby areas. We offer a wide range of pet urns, pet memorials and caskets, or can provide a living tree urn or bloom kit so new life can sprout from your pet’s ashes. Other keepsakes include paw print charms, stainless steel keyrings, pawprint cufflinks and nose and paw casts.


At all times, we aim to make your bereavement process just a little less challenging.

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Do you have any questions?
The Wild Wood is happy to assist pet owners from Leeds and all surrounding locations.
Can’t find your question?
Here at The Wild Wood we base our pricing on the weight of your pet, therefore please contact us for an accurate price. We collect your pet and return ashes for free within 10 miles of us but if you need us to travel a little further we are happy to do this. We can provide a no obligation quote for additional mileage.
Here at The Wild Wood we only carry out individual cremations. It is a very similar process to human cremation. We collect your pet from your home or veterinary surgery. Your pet is then placed in a specially designed Euthabag and transported back to The Wild Wood. We take great care to treat your pet with dignity and respect as we take inkless paw and nose prints. We will also take a small lock of hair if possible. Your pet is then carefully placed into the cremator, intense heat turns the body into dried bone and dust. Once cooled, these remains are carefully removed from the cremator and processed through a cremulator to break down any bone fragments. After this process the ashes are placed into a scatter tube and returned to the pet owner as soon as possible. You will also receive a certificate of cremation alongside your pets paw and nose prints. If you have chosen to place ashes in an urn then your pets ashes will be placed inside of the urn before being returned to you.
Many people choose to keep their pets ashes close by at home. There are many options for permanent storage. You may choose to have a traditional wooden casket with an engraved nameplate or a stunning cast effect figurine of your pet, which blends seamlessly into your home. We have modern slate and pewter effect urns, which are a stylish and unobtrusive way of storing ashes. There are beautiful photo frames with a discrete compartment behind to store ashes, these are available in lots of different frame options and styles. Please do contact us for any advice as the options are endless.
For some people they do not feel comfortable with handling their pets ashes after cremation and that is absolutely fine. If a client does not wish to receive the ashes back then we carry out the same process of an individual cremation except that we scatter the ashes ourselves in The Wild Wood. We keep records of where and when these ashes are scattered so that the client can visit if they wish.
Here at The Wild Wood, we have very stringent procedures regarding traceability. When we collect your deceased pet we place them in a Euthabag. This bag is labelled and your pet does not leave this bag, they are cremated inside it. This means that anything that you wish to remain with your pet stays inside there. Whilst taking the nose and paw prints we do not remove the pet from the bag. Our strict paper trail then follows your pet through the process of individual cremation to the scatter tube and then back their pet parents. We are required by DEFRA to keep records of all movement and these are checked during our annual inspection. We hand deliver your pets ashes back to you at home to ensure you are reunited as soon as possible.
Of course. We encourage you to place anything special to your pet with them inside of the Euthabag. We can assure you that those items remain with them throughout the whole process.

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