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Pet Cremation at The Wild Wood

At The Wild Wood, we understand how distressing it is to lose a pet. After all, they’re part of the family – saying goodbye is a painful process, and decisions such as dealing with the remains can be overwhelming whilst you’re grieving.

We want to give all pet owners the opportunity to have a choice in what happens to their beloved pet after they have died, so we provide a dignified and professional pet cremation service that allows you to commemorate your pet in a way that feels right for you.

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Our Services

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Pet Cremation

A dignified farewell for your pet – care, respect and a beautiful resting place.
Memorial candles

Pet Memorials

Pay tribute to your beloved pets with a beautiful memento or keepsake.
Bios Tree Urns

Pet Urns

Beautiful permanent storage options for your departed pet’s ashes
Bluebell woods

Private Resting Place

A place to remember your long-lost pets in a beautiful woodland

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The cremation process

We provide individual cremations to ensure that your pet is treated as one of our own at every stage of their journey over the rainbow bridge, and we’ll take care of everything sensitively and respectfully, from the collection of your pet, to helping you choose a personal keepsake and a special resting place in The Wild Wood if you wish to scatter their ashes here.

We can collect your pet from your home address or veterinary surgery and offer free collection within a 10-mile radius. If you’re outside this area, we are still happy to help, although there may be a small collection fee. You can find further information on the areas we cover on our Contact page.

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After Cremation

Following a pet’s cremation, some owners may worry about what to do with the ashes. Some owners dislike the idea of keeping them in an urn around the house, but are afraid to scatter them in the garden or elsewhere in the home in case they one day move.

All pet owners that come to The Wild Wood for pet cremation treat their pets as just another member of the family, and it is only fitting that they are able to memorialise their pet in a place that will always be accessible to them.

The Wild Wood is a beautiful and peaceful woodland area specifically for this purpose, and all of our pet parents are invited to scatter their pet’s ashes in The Wild Wood.

A meandering path winds through the private woodland, which has secluded areas for you to sit and enjoy your memories in peaceful surroundings. Here you can choose a spot in the wood to erect a plaque as a lasting memorial to your pet if you so wish.

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Keeping your pet at home

Some people don’t want to scatter their pets ashes, and would instead prefer to keep them close. We have a lots of options for pet parents who have recently had a cremation, including a wide range of pet urns, which can be kept discreetly inside your home or garden.

These include urns in the shape of your pet, and living pet urns that allow you to grow a tree from your pet’s ashes, so that they can live on for many years to come. Contact us to see our selected range of pet urns.

Personalised Memorials

We have a wide range of carefully chosen pet memorials, many of which can be personalised with your pet’s name, or an imprint of their nose or paw. These are a beautiful and stylish way to keep your pet close to you, and almost all of our products can be personalised in some way.

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