Pet Cremation in Pontefract

At The Wild Wood, we understand the pain of losing a pet. They’re a member of the family, and when they’re departed, you want to know that they’re at peace.

That’s why we offer dignified cremation services to pet owners in Pontefract and surrounding Yorkshire areas. From our personalised pet memorials to our privately owned woodland area, our aim is to support you through the grieving process.

For Pontefract Pet Owners

As animal lovers, we know first-hand how much it hurts to say goodbye to your pet.

That’s why the Wild Wood was established – to bring peace to owners in their time of grief. Based in Wakefield, near Pontefract, we offer individual cremation services for your late pet to ensure they receive the respectful send-off they deserve.

After cremation, you may choose to scatter their ashes in our wood, or bring them home in one of our beautiful pet urns. We also have a range of cat and dog memorials so you can bring home a keepsake to remember them by.

Because of our individual cremation process, you can rest assured that the ashes you receive will belong solely to your pet.

Why Choose the Wild Wood?

Situated in one of Wakefield’s most stunning nature spots, The Wild Wood provides a peaceful place to scatter your pet’s ashes. Our rural location close to Pontefract is easily accessible, and our dedicated team are here to support you in your grief.

Moreover, our individual pet cremation services guarantee that you’ll receive only the ashes of your pet. And if you choose to scatter their ashes in The Wild Wood, you’ll have a space to visit them any time you wish. Our private woodland has been carefully curated to transform it into the peaceful and idyllic spot it is today.

Bluebell woods


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Once your pet has been cremated, what happens to their ashes is up to you. You may choose to bring them home with you in one of our pet urns – we have beautiful designs for both cats and dogs. Alternatively, you can scatter their ashes in The Wild Wood, where you’ll always have a place to feel close to them.
We offer free delivery for owners within a ten-mile radius. Outside this in areas such as Pontefract, we may charge a small additional fee to deliver your pet’s ashes to you after cremation, but you can rely on a safe, secure delivery and respectful delivery. And if you choose one of our urns, your pet will be close to your and your family at all times.
When your pet’s ashes have been scattered in The Wild Wood, you’re welcome to visit at any time. Our grounds are open for access 24/7, so you can visit your pet’s final resting place at any time of the day or night.