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The story of The Wild Wood

The idea for The Wild Wood came to me following a house move.

I wasn’t sad to leave the house behind, but I was distraught at the thought of leaving behind the ashes of my late dogs, rabbits and goldfish who were buried at the bottom of the garden. The memories of these pets that I had loved so much would stay with me forever, but I was heartbroken at the thought of not being able to sit beside them, chatting to my long-departed spotty dog.

At that point, I was determined that I – and other pet owners – would have somewhere to go, somewhere they could remember their long-lost pets.

And so, The Wild Wood was born.

Your pet is a major part of your life, and if you’re anything like us, you treat them like one of the family.

And it’s because they are so important to us that in death, we treat them with the same respect and dignity as we would any other loved one. That’s why we are here to help you through the tough days following your pet’s passing.

We know how it feels to lose a pet. Having lost so many ourselves over the years, we know that it never gets easier. It’s always a shock, and always a difficult time for the family. We also know that you want to do what’s best for them, and whether they have died at home suddenly or been put to sleep by your vet, it’s comforting to know that you have choices about what happens to them after they go.

The Wild Wood was created so that we could offer pet parents the options we never had, to give grieving owners peace of mind and closure.

What we offer


Pet Cremation

A home burial is not always an option readily available for many reasons. In the UK, you may bury your pet at home if you own the land on which they are laid to rest. But bear in mind that if you do this, and then choose to resell your home in the future, you will no longer be able to say hello to your long-lost friend in their final resting place.

In addition to this, there is always the worrying thought that your pets remains may not be secure at home – there is a risk they may be dug up by other animals.

Pet cremation is a dignified way of handling your pet’s remains. We only carry out individual cremations, meaning your pet will be cremated alone to ensure they receive the respect and remembrance they deserve.

striped orange cat figure with angel wings



We will collect your pet from your home or the vets – this service is free to those within a 10 mile radius. Collections beyond this distance will cost only a small mileage fee.

Initially we introduced this service to ensure the safety of ourselves and pet owners during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, many pet parents have told us that this service has removed a lot of stress during their time of grief, alleviating them of any worries about handling and transporting their deceased pet.

We are licensed by DEFRA to transport your pets and cremate them, and we use a specially designed bag to move your pet safely and with dignity. They’re called Euthabags, and they are made from recycled materials which are designed to break down easily without giving off environmentally unfriendly nasties when used during cremation.

The Euthabag also gives you the opportunity to tuck your pet in one final time before they leave you. When we lost our beautiful dog Ruby, we wanted her to be able to keep her favourite blanket with her, and being able to wrap her in the blanket with her lead, her favourite squeaky toy and a dog biscuit was a special experience for us – it was nice to be able to remember her in this way, and I will always feel better knowing that she was comfortable for her last journey.


Remembering Your Pet

We always take prints of your pet’s paw and nose, as well as a lock of their fur. These little touches have meant so much to us and the pet parents we have helped in the past. All of our available keepsakes, urns and memorials have been personally selected by us and we are always looking for innovative and stylish new ways to help you remember your wonderful pets.
Nose Print Nuggets
Bluebell woods



We are based just between Wakefield and Pontefract. The Wild Wood is an area of woodland owned and maintained by us, and though it is brimming with wildlife (our nature cameras are highly entertaining!), it is also a tranquil and peaceful space to sit and remember your pet.

You can scatter your pet’s ashes and we can also erect a plaque for them, with your own message in a spot of your choice. This will always be here for you to visit and remember your loyal friend whenever you like.


An expedient service

We aim to have your pet’s ashes returned to you within 24 hours of collection. We understand how important it is to reunite you as soon as possible in order to aid the grieving process. Once this is done, you may decide what you would like to do with them – whether that’s scattering the ashes at The Wild Wood or simply keeping them at home in an urn, so they can always watch over your family.
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All of the services and stages listed above have meant so much to us at times of grief for our beloved pets. And it’s because we’ve been in your shoes that we are so dedicated to ensuring that this sad and troubling time is easier for you and your family, and you may rest assured that your pet will be taken care of as if they were our own.

Melanie & Richard Metcalfe

For pet cremation, memorials and a special resting place for your loved one

We welcome pet owners from Wakefield, Leeds and the nearby areas.