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Some pet owners choose not to scatter their pet’s ashes, but instead to keep them in the family home or garden, so that they can remain with their owner for years to come. If you feel this is the right choice for your family, take a look at our beautiful permanent storage options for your departed pet’s ashes.

Odyssey Urns

Odyssey Brass Urns

These provide a stylish method of permanent storage for your pet’s ashes. They are available in three sizes and two different finishes to blend into the décor of your home.

Cast effect spaniel figurine urn

Cast Effect Figurine Urns

These figurines are made from cast resin and are hand-coloured in a realistic bronze effect. They are cast from original sculptures and are available in many of the most popular dog breeds. They are hollow inside to enable ashes to be stored, and are a truly beautiful and stylish way to store your pet’s ashes in the home or outside in a shaded area. Please bear in mind that these are not a small keepsake ornament but are quite substantial so please check the size in advance.

Floral Biodegradable EarthUrn

Biodegradable Earthurn®

Earthurns are produced by hand from the bark of the mulberry tree using an ancient technique that allows the bark to be harvested without destroying the tree. This process results in a soft, warm, biodegradable paper whiteness used to craft the urns, which are perfect for either for burial or temporary storage of cremated remains. The ashes of your pet are placed into a water-soluble bag inside the urn. We supply these urns in small, medium and large sizes as well as wood effect and floral.

Bios tree-growing urn

Bios Urn

The world’s first biodegradable urn is designed to convert your pet into a tree in the afterlife. Specially made with two separate capsules, the urn is designed to contain a seed or seedling of your choice, which will grow into a tree as a way for a beloved pet to be remembered.

Wooden Caskets

Wooden Caskets

Wooden caskets are a traditional method of permanent storage. Your pet’s ashes are placed in a calico bag inside of the casket. You can choose between a natural or mahogany finish, and the casket is supplied with a metal plaque bearing the name of your pet.

Tributes Box with pet photo

Tribute Boxes

Wooden tribute boxes provide a space for ashes and for items belonging to your pet, such as collars to be kept safe. There is a space on the top for a plaque bearing your pet’s name and a short message, whilst the lid is also a photo frame to keep that favourite picture of your pet.

Photo Frame Tribute

Tribute Photo Frames

These wooden photo frames can be free-standing or wall-mounted and have discreet integrated compartments to store your pet’s ashes in a secure and unobtrusive way. We can supply these in a variety of frame colours and sizes.

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For highly respectful pet memorial services in Wakefield, Leeds and the surrounding areas, please contact The Wild Wood.

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Because we only do individual cremations, we guarantee that the ashes you receive are your pets. When selecting an urn, we will be able to advise you on the best size for your pet so that you can keep all their ashes together. However, some pet owners choose to keep only a token amount of ashes and scatter the rest. For this, we also supply keepsake items that hold only small amounts of ashes. Please get in touch for more information.

We supply earth urns that are designed to fully biodegrade along with the ashes, which are contained in a water-soluble bag to ensure that everything within the urn is fully biodegradable.

Ideally these types of urns need to be buried deeply to reduce the risk of alkalinity of the ashes affected the growth of plants directly around it. UK law permits the burial of ashes on land that you own, but if you rent your property you will require permission from the land owner. In addition to this, there are areas of ecological sensitivity where ashes should not be scattered or buried, so it’s best to check this out in advance before you dig any big holes.

Yes, you can plant the urn in a pot, provided your pot is big enough. Be careful choosing your plant, though, as you will need something that does not need to be transplanted when it has outgrown the pot if you are short on space.

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