Pet Cremation in Dewsbury

The loss of a pet is a uniquely painful experience for any pet owner.

It really is like losing a member of the family, and we know better than anyone how it feels. Inspired by the grief we’ve experienced as animal lovers, we created The Wild Wood for pet owners in Dewsbury to experience pet memorials and cremations that give your pet the final, peaceful rest that they deserve.

Dewsbury Pet Memorial Services

With a wide range of pet memorial services to help remember your beloved pet long after they’ve gone, our services don’t stop at pet cremations. Dewsbury pet owners can also memorialise their pets with a number of touching keepsakes, including keyrings, casts of your pet’s paw or nose, and plaques or coasters.

Our services will give your pet a peaceful send off whilst helping your family to immortalise their memory and help you continue to feel close to them long after they have departed.

The Wild Wood: For Dewsbury Pet Owners

We understand first-hand what it is to lose a pet.

That’s why we created The Wild Wood – to support pet owners through this heart-breaking experience and deliver sensitive pet cremation services.

Though your pet is no longer with you, that connection is never lost, and at The Wild Wood, we want to help you preserve those memories for life with dignified, moving keepsakes and a send-off they deserve.

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What you do with your pet’s ashes after cremation is completely your choice.

You may choose to scatter them at our peaceful Wild Wood, where pet owners are free to visit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Alternatively, you may choose to scatter them in a different location more personal to you and your pet. Or, if you decide to keep the ashes, we have a wide range of available urns designed for cats and dogs.

For anyone living within a 10-mile radius of The Wild Wood, we will collect your pet for free. However, for distances any further than 10 miles, we will charge a small collection fee – this is just to cover our transportation costs.
If you choose to scatter your pet’s ashes with us at The Wild Wood crematorium, you are free to visit whenever you like. Our stunning and scenic woodlands are open to visitors 24/7 meaning you can visit your pet in their final resting place at any time.