7 Special Ways to remember your late pet

Honouring your best friend

1. Take a Paw or Nose print

Pawprint Keyrings from The Wild WoodKeeping a paw or nose print of your pet is a great way of remembering them. These prints can be engraved into keyrings, used as art or simply just kept in a memory box for the times you want to look back and reflect. They allow you to remember the size of those paws and give some scale to your memories.

2. Plant a Tree or flowers

Plant a tree or flower in a Bios UrnPlanting something in memory of a beloved pet is a lovely way to allow the memories to live on. Choose a spot that meant something to them. A sunny corner of the garden where they sunbathed, a favourite digging patch or just a place that’s visible easily from your window. You can even grow a tree from your pets ashes meaning that they truly live on. (Bios Urn)

3. Memory Box

A memory box is a lovely way to keep all those bits and pieces you cannot bear to part with. The collar and lead, the vaccination cards and the many pictures are just a short list of what you can place inside. The box can be as big as you like, and contain blankets, paw prints and many other memorabilia. These are great to look back on and remember the good times.

4. Outdoor Memorial

An outdoor memorial which you can visit whenever you find the need is a great idea. This can be a place the whole family can come and remember their beloved pet. You can visit on special occasions, leave flowers, stop by for a chat or just sit in quiet contemplation of the wonderful times you had together. The area of beautiful woodland known as The Wild Wood, Wintersett, Wakefield provides a family friendly place to erect a plaque as a memorial to you dear departed pet.

5. Photo Album / Scrapbook

Take the opportunity to download all of your favourite photos of you and your pet from your phone. There are many ways of putting together a photo album to cherish all the good times.

6. Jewellery

Silver pendant with a pawprint - a lovely keepsake of your petThere are some beautiful options for memorial jewellery. A scaled down paw or nose print engraved onto a silver pendant looks lovely and can be a great gift for someone who is missing their special friend. Even a small sample of your pets hair or ashes can be incorporated in a ring or pendant. The ashes or hair are encased in resin and finished to produce a unique piece of jewellery. There are also companies that make jewellery containing pet hair which can look really special and have such a personal meaning.

7. Adopt another animal or support an animal charity.

There are so many pets that deserve loving and caring homes and the sad loss of your pet could open up an opportunity for one lucky animal. Abandoned dogs and cats could soon have a whole new future thanks to you. If you are not quite ready to accept another pet into the home then why not support an animal charity close to you in your beloved pet’s name. You could offer to volunteer, donate food and blankets or simply offer financial assistance which is always welcomed in these difficult times.

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